4 kinds of footwear every man must have



Manners makes a men gentle, but shoes can make his style any day. Having a thought like, women have more options then men when it comes to shoes is irrelevant. Always remember, whatever shoes you’re wearing, will say a lot about your personality. If you haven’t got any idea about how many shoe options are available for men, then try searching the web because you will be amazed by the results. Either is about your gym look or party, shoes have the power to attract anyone’s attention. Over the years, different designs were invented and due to the ever changing fashion senses, every day we see different types of shoes in the market. So, instead of waiting any further, try to revamp your collection and stock up your closet. Let’s see the top 4 kinds of footwear every man must have.





You can call it classy or sexy, but loafers are those no-lace shoes which are eternal when it comes to footwear fashion. These are timeless as well as vintage shoes that can make you look smart any given day. The best thing about loafers is its adaptability. It can do the same wonders whether you pair it up with a jeans or some trousers. Loafers come in different styles in the likes of penny loafers, bit loafers and tassel loafers.




The modern day great when it comes to style and class. Sneakers have the capacity of spelling out both sporty and casual look which makes it a trendsetter. If you’re a sneaker fan, then you should probably know about the famous white sneaker. It goes with almost everything you wear, making it an accessory you can’t deny. Pair it up with a jeans and a white t-shirt to look cool and handsome.

There are some vintage style sneakers too which can be your friend for a causal party or a get-together.




‘Shoes which makes you a real man’, perfectly said by someone. Boots are not only for tough guys but also for those who enjoy bike rides very often. If you’re a off-roading fan, boots can save you in every fashion manner. It is a must for every man, as they portray high fashion sense in you as well as great choice. Boots are really useful in winters, but do not forget that it’s an all season shoe.




When people talk about formal shoes, Derbies somehow enters the list considering their semi-formal look. These are those shoes which gives you an elegant look when you pair it with a formal suit or a jacket. Try Derbies with some causal outfits to make it worth a look.


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